Difference between CRD IstioOperator and IstioControlPlane

I found 2 CRD for istio operator, IstioOperator and IstioControlPlane, is there any difference between them, or they shall be the same one IstioControlPlane?



IstioControlPlane in 1.4 has been renamed to IstioOperator, refactored and made official through istio/api for 1.5. We hope disruption will be minimal since istioctl upgrade and istioctl manifest migrate will translate IstioControlPlane->IstioOperator automatically. The APIs are also very similar, basically IstioOperator just loses the “feature” concept from IstioControlPlane.
The change was done after a lot of debate (we know users don’t like API changes!), primarily to split up runtime and install config and support that split for the long run.
Going forward, IstioOperator.MeshConfig will be the place for any runtime config, while the rest of IstioOperator will contain installation config and continue to support Helm passthrough.

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