Envoy Access Log issue


I have activated logs using global.proxy.accessLogFile="/dev/stdout",global.proxy.accessLogEncoding=“TEXT”
in helm. The logs that i get are all in this format:

[2019-04-23T11:02:56.481Z] “- - -” 0 - “-” 129 200 81 - “-” “-” “-” “-” “” inbound|8081|mgmt-8081|mgmtCluster -

4/23/2019 1:03:01 PM

There is not reqest info and not much info at all, why is this. As i am aware it should use the default envoy access log format ?

See https://github.com/envoyproxy/envoy/issues/3798

“HTTP response code. Note that a response code of ‘0’ means that the server never sent the beginning of a response. This generally means that the (downstream) client disconnected.”

So we can’t log much info because no info was even sent, hence the -s and 0s

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The issue here is that all the requests in a cluster are logged that way, I have tried removing then reinstalling Istio on that cluster to no avail. What have i done wrong?