EnvoyFilters not properly deleted

I’m having some trouble with EnvoyFilters in our Istio deployment.

I applied the filters in this Gist. The rate limiting didn’t work so I deleted all the resources that were created. However, I’m still seeing the following error in istiod and the istio-ingressgateway deployment is broken.

2022-01-07T19:30:19.491263Z     warn    ads     ADS:LDS: ACK ERROR router~ Internal:Error adding/updating listener(s) error adding listener '': filter
 chain '' has the same matching rules defined as ''

It seems like even though the EnvoyFilters were deleted, they weren’t actually deleted from the configuration istiod is trying to push to envoy. I’m not sure what else I can do in this situation besides restarting the istiod and istio-ingressgateway deployments, which we already tried with no success.

I’ve also opened a Github Issue with Istio to see if I can get any help there.

Any help understanding why this is happening and what we could do to fix it would be very much appreciated.

We were able to find out what was wrong with the configuration and fix it.