EnvoyProxy Global Rate Limit Not Working in Istio 1.7


I have been struggling to run and test envoy rate limit in istio 1.7 but no success.

Currenly I’m following this repo this repo https://github.com/aboullaite/service-mesh#1-rate-limiting but not gaining any success. Limiting doesn’t gets applied and I get no data in redis.

Can someone look around that is there any problem in the configuration files or it’s my setup that is causing errors.

Moreover if any-one has created and applied rate-limiting via envoy please share your complete scripts so that I can test those on my env.

Switching to istio 1.6.2 worked for me and Rate Limit is operation without any change in configurations/scripts.

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@gargnupur any insights here?

Replied here: EnvoyProxy Rate Limit Not Working in Istio 1.7

@gargnupur @talha We don’t have to rate limit based on the request headers. All the requests to the application are to be rate-limited at say 37 requests per minute. The requests may or not have the headers. Is it possible ? As all the examples available give a header as an example for rate limiting.

@svgparzival: Just keep the actions in route_config empty and see if that works…