Error on istalling bookinfo in Istio 1.6.0

Hi all,
I’m trying to install the bookinfo demo application but 2 pod remain in a worng state
I used instructions at

sysop@hdev:~/software/istio-1.6.0$ kubectl get pods -o wide
NAME                              READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE   IP           NODE   NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
reviews-v2-c4d6568f9-hq8vb        2/2     Running            0          50m   hkw3   <none>           <none>
details-v1-6fc55d65c9-lzc87       2/2     Running            0          50m   hkm    <none>           <none>
ratings-v1-6f855c5fff-66dvf       2/2     Running            0          50m   hkm    <none>           <none>
reviews-v1-54b8794ddf-q6wqf       2/2     Running            0          50m   hkm    <none>           <none>
reviews-v3-7f66977689-jd5ts       1/2     CrashLoopBackOff   14         50m   hkw1   <none>           <none>
productpage-v1-7f44c4d57c-sdh2v   0/2     Init:Error         14         50m   hkw2   <none>           <none>

I have a Istio 1.6.0 fresh install on a four node K3S cluster on KVM virtual machines:

  • a VM with k3s master and worker (hkm)
  • three VM with k3w worker (hkw1, hkw2 and hkw3)

What I’m doing wrong?

Use kubectl describe to check detail error information from events part, such as:
kubectl describe pod reviews-v3-7f66977689-jd5ts

To be sure of everything, I destroyed the VMs and now I’m creating from scratch all the cluster.
I’ll post asap the new configuration.

My fault. After reinstalling from scratch everything worked.