Explaination of message in pilot discovery log needed


We are seeing the following messages in the istio pilot discovery logs. What does this message mean? What is in conflict?

    "pilot_conflict_inbound_listener": {
        "domain1-admin-server.domain1": {
            "proxy": "domain1-admin-server.domain1",
            "message": "Rejected domain1-admin-server.domain1.svc.cluster.local, used domain1-admin-server-external.domain1.svc.cluster.local for"
        "domain1-managed-server1.domain1": {
            "proxy": "domain1-managed-server1.domain1",
            "message": "Rejected domain1-cluster-cluster-1.domain1.svc.cluster.local, used domain1-managed-server1.domain1.svc.cluster.local for"
        "domain1-managed-server2.domain1": {
            "proxy": "domain1-managed-server2.domain1",
            "message": "Rejected domain1-managed-server2.domain1.svc.cluster.local, used domain1-cluster-cluster-1.domain1.svc.cluster.local for"


I have the same question. We’re running Istio 1.0.4 and see the same type of “pilot_conflict_inbound_listener” message, and need to understand their impact / implication.

In our case, there are two K8s Service that both select the same podIpAddress:Port. In both K8s Service definitions the port names and protocol are identical. The Service name is different.

We’re having some issues with the rate-limiting feature when it needs to point to one of these “conflict” services, and are trying to fix that problem.