Getting CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED during Mutual TLS with egress gw

Hello Folks, I am new to Istio and I followed the exact steps mentioned in the following istio docs but I end up getting certificate verify failed error.

Although my goal is to perform SSL validation for the server that I am connecting to via the egress gw but like I said and I am just getting my hands dirty by following along these examples in Istion documentation.

I also searched for solution on the internet and landed up on a stackoverflow article where the poster has ran into exact same scenario as me but I don’t think a solution has been reached in that case as well

I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this.

Also, how should I modify the configuration so that I can only have the client validate the server i.e. I would like to configure istio egress gw with tls.mode = SIMPLE but how should I specify the certificate so that the server is validated.
I would like to understand this since I would be connecting to a server that has a self-signed cert.

Thanking in advance. Please help.

  1. Forgot to mention, I am using istio version 1.15
  2. My configuration is exactly same as specified in the istio documentation for the mutual TLS example using nginx, but please let me know if there is any specific question about the configuration.

Someone please help. I am kind of stuck here and can’t proceed.