Graceful shutdown?

Hello -

Is there a way to shut down an Istio sidecar more gracefully than with terminationDrainDuration? What I’m seeing is that even if there are no active network connections to envoy, pilot-agent just sleeps for the entire terminationDrainDuration, rather than send a /quitquitquit or a SIGTERM to envoy as soon as all sockets have closed. We’re in a particular case where we occasionally have long uploads/downloads when terminating a pod, but we’d prefer not to have to wait the entire terminationDrainDuration to terminate pods for the majority of cases where there are no active uploads/downloads.


Currently there is not. This seems like an interesting feature request though, it may be worth a feature request on github.

Command line options — envoy 1.19.0-dev-f25fbb documentation - Seems what you are looking for?