Grafana dashboards and prometheus alerting rules for istio 1.5

I followed Prometheus alerting on Istio Components for prometheus alerting of 1.4

also the grafana dashboards were loading fine for all the istio components and services

with only istiod in 1.5, some of the dashboards from istio-1.5.2/install/kubernetes/helm/istio/charts/grafana/dashboards/ dont show data

is there other place to find grafana dashboards ?
and does anyone have prometheus alerting rules for 1.5 ?

Have you tried grafana marketplace where you can search for various dashboard?
You can import via Dashboard id or json

yeah, dadhboards for latest istio version are available there, i didnt check thinking that the dashboards are there in github

do you know if there are prometheus alerting rules from istio or do we need to write on our own?

well, i imported the dashboards from grafana marketplace
most of them show partial or no data so i think it is still broken

They are empty as well… from 2018