GRPC-WEB, evnvoy, Safari, etc

Hi the Community!

I have one interesting story about Safari browser, grpc-web and envoy-proxy.

web-kit have internal error while handling the grpc-web request. The issue is here: here. This is issue of envoy-proxy, and it fixed in August, 2020.

Before real deploy I used default Istio included in microk8s distribution, and everything worked fine including Safari and other web-kit based browsers. I cannot tell now which version of istio has been deployed with mickrok8s distribution, but on real cluster, when I installed latest version of Istio (1.7.3), Safari browser fails to handle grpc-web request.

The long story about diving into the issues of web-kit and envoy-proxy I will omit, but at bottom line the fix for this issue is merged into envoy-proxy.

Now, i started to investigate whether can i control the envoy-proxy version used as sidcecar, but found that it is integrated part of build the version. I understand that Istio will synchronize envoy-proxy source code with the build, but in my opinion this issue is critical (as you can see if you will read the discussion of referenced issue) it is a real bug in envoy-proxy, and, for my opinion, the fix must be merged into Istio urgently, regardless of Safari web-kit handling.

Looking forward for updates…