[HELP] Envoy crashed after C++ WasmPlugin loaded

I have wrote detail steps in github: GitHub - jian1106/wasm-plugin-demo
Also tried GitHub - proxy-wasm/proxy-wasm-cpp-sdk: WebAssembly for Proxies (C++ SDK) and resulted similar errors.
Did I do something wrong ?

Envoy logs:
2023-02-21T04:22:09.098282Z info wasm fetching image jian1106/wasm-demo from registry index.docker.io with tag 0.0.1
2023-02-21T04:22:11.821890Z critical envoy backtrace Caught Segmentation fault, suspect faulting address 0x7f55ace41000
2023-02-21T04:22:11.821931Z critical envoy backtrace Backtrace (use tools/stack_decode.py to get line numbers):
2023-02-21T04:22:11.821935Z critical envoy backtrace Envoy version: aed172a7bd0b71db7121840c84b97855fb418381/1.23.4-dev/Clean/RELEASE/BoringSSL
2023-02-21T04:22:11.828385Z info ads ADS: “@” productpage-v1-66756cddfd-whs2c.default-1 terminated
2023-02-21T04:22:11.828409Z error Envoy exited with error: signal: segmentation fault
2023-02-21T04:22:11.828437Z info ads ADS: “@” productpage-v1-66756cddfd-whs2c.default-2 terminated