Hidden Metrics Port?


Istio document states there are 3 metrics endpoints
The configured Prometheus add-on scrapes three endpoints:

  1. istio-mesh ( istio-mixer.istio-system:42422 ): all Mixer-generated mesh metrics.
  2. mixer ( istio-mixer.istio-system:9093 ): all Mixer-specific metrics. Used to monitor Mixer itself.
  3. envoy ( istio-mixer.istio-system:9102 ): raw stats generated by Envoy (and translated from Statsd to Prometheus).

However in the istio mixer service and telemetry pod I was able to find only 2(42422 and 9093) . I even tried to expose 910 port in both deployment and service. But no metrics was coming on this port.

Is the document out of date? D we have to do something to get the envoy raw stats if required?
Does these stats provide any useful information that we cannot get from mesh and mixer stats?


Which version of Istio are you using?

https://preliminary.istio.io/docs/tasks/telemetry/querying-metrics/ provides more up-to-date info.

The authoritative source for endpoints is the actual prom config itself: https://github.com/istio/istio/blob/43262a653a54c88fe06420e856c0a436510331cf/install/kubernetes/helm/subcharts/prometheus/templates/configmap.yaml#L12