High CPU usage on Istio Pilot 1.0.6 and Istio 1.1.14 on K8s 1.10

Hello there!

We are using Istio 1.0.6 and Istio 1.1.14 on a Production environment with Kubernetes 1.10.
We have approximately 100 services and run with more than 200 Pods.

Last week, we’ve experienced a lot of CPU peaks from Istio Pilot Discovery service. It usually consumes up to 1000m CPU, but sometimes it gets to 4000m and higher.

I’ve already configured pilot agent concurrency to 1, as suggest in a GitHub issue and also limited CPU to 3000m on pilot deployments, but we still get some CPU peaks.

Do you guys have any thought on that?

Thanks in advance!

Istio 1.1 is EOL: https://istio.io/blog/2019/announcing-1.1-eol/

Istio 1.3 has substantial performance improvements for Pilot, up to 10x less CPU usage. I highly recommend you upgrade if you are seeing performance issues.

Also this is the concurrency of the sidecar, so it would not have any impact on Pilot CPU usage

Is Istio 1.3 compatible with Kubernetes 1.10? I mean, I know tests were not executed in this version of Kubernetes, but is there any resource from newer versions critical for its execution?

I am not sure, the oldest I have ran with is 1.12

Thank you for the answers. I’ll perform some tests to see if that applies (Istio 1.3 over Kubernetes 1.10).