How it possible to scale out istiod?

Can anyone point me to the relevant documentation? Can’t find anything…

Istiod is created as a deployment in Kubernetes, so scaling out is done by increasing the number of replicas on the istiod deployment. However, check if you’re hitting the limits – as per docs, a single instance can support 1000 services (assuming you use the sidecar resource and isolate the namespaces). Istio / Performance and Scalability

You can modify the IstioOperator config and set an hpaSpec:

      enabled: true
          minReplicas: 2
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jlcrow is 100% correct.

You always want to set istiod replicas > 1, in production, for HA… However, do it all your other clusters too (dev/qa & sit), otherwise PodDisruptionBudgets will bite you during your Kubernetes upgrades. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

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