How to assign an IP to istio-ingressgateway on localhost?

Hi all

I am using kubespray to run a kubernetes cluster on my laptop. The cluster is running on 7 VMs and the roles of the VM’s spread as follows:

k8s-1   Ready    master   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-2   Ready    master   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-3   Ready    master   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-4   Ready    master   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-5   Ready    <none>   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-6   Ready    <none>   2d22h   v1.16.2
k8s-7   Ready    <none>   2d22h   v1.16.2

I’ve installed to build a microservices environment.

I have 2 services running and like to access from outside:

k get services
NAME              TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
greeter-service   ClusterIP   <none>        3000/TCP   47h
helloweb          ClusterIP    <none>        3000/TCP   47h

and the running pods:

NAMESPACE      NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE     IP             NODE    NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
default        greeter-service-v1-8d97f9bcd-2hf4x        2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-6   <none>           <none>
default        greeter-service-v1-8d97f9bcd-gnsvp        2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-2   <none>           <none>
default        greeter-service-v1-8d97f9bcd-lkt6p        2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-7   <none>           <none>
default        helloweb-77c9476f6d-7f76v                 2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-1   <none>           <none>
default        helloweb-77c9476f6d-pj494                 2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-6   <none>           <none>
default        helloweb-77c9476f6d-tnqfb                 2/2     Running   0          47h    k8s-5   <none>           <none>

The problem is, I can not access the services from outside, because I do not have the EXTERNAL IP address(remember the cluster is running on my laptop).

k get svc istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system  
NAME                   TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                                                                                                                      AGE
istio-ingressgateway   LoadBalancer   <pending>     15020:31311/TCP,80:30383/TCP,443:31494/TCP,15029:31383/TCP,15030:30784/TCP,15031:30322/TCP,15032:30823/TCP,15443:30401/TCP   47h

As you can see, the column EXTERNAL-IP the value is <pending> .

The question is, how to assign an EXTERNAL-IP to the istio-ingressgateway .

Thanks a lot

Hi @softshipper, looks like your question was answered over on stackoverflow.

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