How to build istio/proxy image on mac


I followed this thread to build istio proxy image on Mac:!topic/istio-dev/OSN336o3dBs

The command I used was as follows:
GOOS=linux make docker.proxyv2

I had the Makefile point to my local envoy repository (export USE_LOCAL_PROXY=1). But I still got exec format error in ingressgateway pod when I installed istio on my kubernetes cluster (linux based).

This is the error message I saw in the ingressgateway pod:
2019-05-01T15:46:14.260836Z info Epoch 0 starting
2019-05-01T15:46:14.264386Z info Envoy command: [-c /etc/istio/proxy/envoy-rev0.json --restart-epoch 0 --drain-time-s 45 --parent-shutdown-time-s 60 --service-cluster istio-ingressgateway --service-node router~ --max-obj-name-len 189 --allow-unknown-fields -l warning]
2019-05-01T15:46:14.271891Z warn Epoch 0 terminated with an error: fork/exec /usr/local/bin/envoy: exec format error
2019-05-01T15:46:14.271904Z warn Aborted all epochs

Is it because I built the envoy binary (C++ with Bazel) on Mac so it is not compatible when running on linux based kubernetes cluster? How to overcome this problem? Thank you.