How to deploy Istio Pilot Router on VM / bare-metal?


I’m interested in deploying a shared Istio Ingress (aka “pilot-agent router”) on a VM.

So far I was able to deploy it and Gateways and VirtualServices are being configured on it using Kubernetes Istio CRD resources.

However there are a few points that I’d like some help on:

  • how to set listener IP address or interface? all listeners listen on - all interfaces. Istio CRDs only provide a way to configure listener Host/SNI.
  • router does not receive configuration when using Kubernetes-native Gateway API resources, only Istio resources (Gateway, VirtualService) work
  • how to use shared Istio Ingress with Kubernetes-native Gateway API resources? when I define my Gateway and HTTPRoute only per-deployment Ingress is created in my namespace - I’d expect a way to use already existing Ingress in a separate namespace