How to find the fully qualified name of a metric instance?

hi all,

got a question while reading this reference

instanceName: Required. The name is the fully qualified name of the Istio metric instance that this MetricInfo processes.

how can I find out the fully qualified name of a given metric instance?
in the example here:

Mixer instances are matched to Prometheus metrics via the instance_name parameter. The instance_name values must be the fully-qualified name for Mixer instances (example: doublerequestcount.instance.istio-system )

seems like the top-level domain is the namespace value and lowest level domain is the instance name specified in yaml. I can’t figure out what’s the second level domain, I’ve seen it valued as either instance or metric

does anyone know where i can find a good reference on that?

thanks in advance!

seems like the 2nd level domain in the fully qualified name is kind value.

prior to version 1.1.2 the kind of metric is metric instead of instance, and that explains why there are online examples using these 2 values.

That is correct. We are eliminating most of the Mixer-specific CRDs from usage, which included switching from the more specific metric to a more general instance moving forward.

thanks for confirming!