How to install a specific version of Istio control plane using istioctl


I am new to Istio. I have played with it for sometime but used to follow basic setup instructions to install it.
I used to download an Istio release using the below which gets the latest version.
curl -L | sh -

I know it is possible to download, and install, a specific version by doing this
curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.6.13 TARGET_ARCH=x86_64 sh -

If I have downloaded a specific version of Istio version as above and then run the following basic install command using the istioctl that came with the release, would it install the same version of the “Istio control plane” as that of the release like v1.16.13 in above case:
cd istio-1.6.13/bin && istioctl install --set profile=default

I always assumed installing with the istioctl that came with the given Istio release will install that/same version of Istio control plane. But then came across this page where it says “we recommend you use an istioctl version that is the same version as your Istio control plane”.


istioctl installs same control plane as of binary, so every time you install or upgrade control plane, you need to download the specific istioctl binary version that you want


Another naive question. How does one check the version of the installed Istio control plane?

istioctl version will give you client (istioctl binary) and control plane versio