How to preserve TCP client IP over istio ingress gateway

Hi Team , I am facing problem to preserve Client IP that is TCP connection over istio, My client is able to sent the request to application pod but on application pod I want to preserve client IP instead of that I am getting istio-ingressgateway pod ip. I already set TPROXY on application pod and externalTrafficPolicy: Local in istioingress Loadbalancer service. CAn anyone hlep me to soty out issue ?

Any help on above topic? stuck on this actually

Your loadbalancer should be applications load balncer

Then apply envoy filter in istio-system
Configure authorization policies in istio system and in matchLabels and selector use istio ingressgateway labels

Can you help what envoy filter which I need to apply, because when as create as simple service typed loadbalancer I am able to get client I. over istio I am getting istio-gateway pod ip in request, the IP is getting terminated on istio-ingressgateway pod

Apply on istio system
Then you create authorization policies in istio-system

this is for HTTP I am looking for TCP actually