How to reach Istio ingress gateway from external machine?

I have a minikube cluster with Istio and I have configured an Istio Gateway as described here.

If I curl from the machine, where the cluster is, to the gateway everything works fine.
However I want to make it so that I can access the gateway (and microservices inside the cluster) from another machine.
So far I haven’t found any info on how to do that.

I’m assuming I must tell the cluster machine to redirect requests to the gateway but I have no idea how to actually do it.

The cluster machine is running Debian and has an IP of, while the gateway has an IP of and is listening on port 31859. I don’t understand how the gateway has that IP, was it given to it by the router when it was started or was it given to it by the host machine and is not visible on my network?

The external machine is running Windows 10.

How would I go about routing traffic to the gateway?
Do I only need to do a port-forward for the gateway?