How to verify Envoy configuration in IngressGateway

I have Istio running in a cluster and I created a Gateway and VirtualService for a workload, but traffic isn’t getting to the service. I want to know how to verify the following items

  1. How can I confirm that requests are being received by the IngressGateway?
  2. How can I view/verify the Envoy configuration in the IngressGateway is accurate based on the Gateway and VirtualService resources I created?

I’m still interested in better understanding how the configuration is updated. I documented what I understand about it in the second diagram on this page

I know that with the nginx IngressController, for example, the nginx.conf is rewritten, but I can’t figure out how/where the Envoy configuration is managed. Is this documented somewhere?

I did find something in the debugging section of this post

What I was hoping for was a file that would represent the current state configuration, like the nginx.conf file in the IngressController. What the above link indicates is that the configuration is available through a local endpoint in Envoy, like this http://localhost:15000/config_dump

There are other endpoints, and even an HTML interface if port forwarding is enabled.

This is what we have been using http://localhost:15000/config_dump. I think it is equivalent to Nginx Ingress’s nginx.conf.