HOWTO enable access logs in Istio when using istio-cni in EKS

Hi, we have Istio 1.8.1 running in EKS using ArgoCD. We have the following applications set up (by a previous employee who has since left):

We’re trying to debug an issue where one application is returning 503 and I’d like to enable the access logs. I thought it might be possible to set the accessLogFile config via one of helm charts we’re using, but can’t see the option in any of the values.yaml files.

I tried setting the following for the istio-ingress applications but this hasn’t worked. The values.yaml has a meshConfig property but doesn’t mention accessLogFile so I’m not sure if that means it’s not supported there:

          accessLogFile: /dev/stdout

Can anyone advise how to enable access logging please?

Thanks to @nrjpoddar (via Slack) this is configured via istio-discovery. The access logs then appear within the ingress-gateway pods.