http2MaxRequests for ingress


A DestinationRule allows configuring trafficPolicy.connectionPool.http.http2MaxRequests for a service, after routing. But is it possible to configure those settings on the listener side of an ingress Gateway that terminates TLS?

I am unable to specify a protocol of HTTP2 and also have TLS: “server cannot have TLS settings for plain text HTTP ports”. This is possible within the mesh by specifying a port name of http2 on the Service, and a DestinationRule with TLS settings.

After negotiating h2, I notice that MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS is not returned in the SETTINGS frame, and that the listener does not have http2_protocol_options configured.

I’m using Istio 1.1.1.

Thanks for your time.




https + tls will work. protocol will be automatically inferred based on client. the listener level h2 options sounds like an issue