I want to remove istiocoredns from my Isito 1.6.4

Hello all,

I wanted to remove istiocoredns resources from my system (Istio 1.6.4).

I use the combination of istioctl generate and kubectl apply to configure Istio. So, in order to remove istiocredns, I set spec.addonComponents.istiocoredns.enabled: false; But doing this does not remove istiocoredns from my system.

kind: IstioOperator
      enabled: false

Why toggling true or false in IstioOperator is not being honored?

Appreciate your pointers, suggestions on this.

Thank you,

I guess, I have to delete it manually, after gathering all istiocredns resources and saved it to a file coredns.yaml and run kubectl delete -f coredns.yaml.

Closing this.