Important: Changes to API Review Meeting And Procedures

Dear TOC members and WG leads,

I’ll be moving the API Review meeting to the Config WG time-slot to better utilize time. We can add additional sessions in its previous time (Fridays at 11 a.m.) but given the lack of attendance, it looks like this is not the right time slot. We had to cancel today’s API Review meeting due to no-quorum.

I also want to stress the importance of this. There are numerous changes happening to our APIs, and currently they are going under the radar, without proper understanding or peer review. It is especially important for TOC members to make a point to do the reviews to provide technical leadership for the project.

I’ll use this (TOC) topic to announce documents and meeting topics, but you can always find the latest agenda items and related collaterals here:

Currently, we have API Management APIs up for review. We have this on schedule Here is the design document from Scott, up for review on 4/18:


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