Ingress Gateway pod consume more CPU during load

Hi Team

We are performing performance test of one of the services. Here is the case:

test client simulator -> Ingress gateway -> my application -> egress gateway -> simulator as server

we are using :
hey as test client simulator
java based application as server simulator
ISTIO version: 1.3.6

with the help of test client simulator we are pumping http2 request. we have 2 replica of ingress and egress gateway running in same node and 12 replica of application which under test

ingress gateway listens on https/443 port. internal communication between ingress -> application is http

inbound connection to ingress gateway is 50 (approx)
outbound connection to server simulator is 300 (approx)

observation: ingress gateway pod consumes more than 80% of 18 VCPU

Please let me know if need more information. I will appreciate for any help. Thank you in advance!

Asisranjan Nayak

I’m not sure if this is connected to this because you run 1.3.6, but maybe it will help you out. Ingress-gateway cpu usage stuck at 100% vcpu allocated 1.4.6