Ingress HTTPS issues with one of 7 different applications. Works on HTTP

Hey Guys,

I have a very basic setup running lets encrypt, the default ingress gateways configured as documented here. However I am having troubles with just one of my microservices not working over HTTPS only HTTP.

Note 1 - this service was working fine on Istio 1.1, since 1.4 its not working.
Note 2 - The site actually leverages the Lets Encrypt certificate.

The Error: upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection termination.

The log from the application container: - - [15/Dec/2019:22:15:46 +0000] “PRI * HTTP/2.0” 400 157 “-” “-”

Anyone experienced anything similar? All my microservices are .netcore with the exception of the problematic one which is an angular app. Again, working fine over HTTP. Just not HTTPs.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.