Ingress timeout metrics

Hi there,

I’m new on the community and first of all thanks for this.
I’ve deployed the bookinfo example and it does work normally. I ran simple http load test and even my client receiving connection timeout I’m not able to see this metric anywhere.
I can see errors in the istiod stdout such as:
2020-03-26T14:49:52.177913Z info transport: http2Server.HandleStreams failed to read frame: read tcp> use of closed network connection

2020-03-26T14:49:52.178009Z info ads ADS: “” sidecar~ terminated rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled

I’m expecting the service to timeout, I just want to be able to monitor this behaviour.

Just FYI I’ve checked pilot and envoy metrics.

So, I’m shamed on my first question. The provider was blocking my connections, so it ever never reached istio ingress, so it’s impossible to have any metrics on that side. I’m sorry about that.