Install istio using grafana and prometheus from kiali

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a way to install istio and that once installed, Istio can use grafana and prometheus from another environment? it’s possible ?. I say this to avoid redundant monitoring when you have several environments so that istio only uses one configuration, is it possible?

i have install istio 1.9 with kiali, but I need to configure it to use grafana and prometheus already installed in another environment . its possible ?. does anyone know?

Many many thanks,

Read the docs on Kiali’s “spec.external_services” settings in the example Kiali CR for all the settings you need to know about when doing this: kiali-operator/kiali_cr.yaml at f82d0b8b18df160515d2d36330212ad635b85876 · kiali/kiali-operator · GitHub