Installed 1.6, all pods stuck in PodInitializing

We had a cluster running 1.4.7 deployed with Helm, everything work perfectly. After trying to upgrade to 1.5.4 with istioctl something went wrong and istio stopped working altogether.

So, we cleared out all of Istio’s components and installed 1.6 from scratch. The deployments in namespace istio-system are running as expected, but nothing else starts. We run an application in the default namespace and those pods are stuck in PodInitializing. Even the sidecar proxies. Same with cert-manager in its own namespace.

We’ve tried different manifests provided in the installation and none of them seem to help.

After turning on network policy and pod security policy, we’ve made some progress, but now we’re facing issues where a deployment with a psp, role and rolebinding has problems starting because the init container istio-validation fails.

Error connecting to dial tcp> connect: connection refused