Is Istio Slack dead? (Update: no; client error)


I can see the channels, but when I try to post messages, I got “message failed to delivery” error. Maybe I got banned?

That might have been a transient Slack thing, because it’s as alive as ever. I don’t believe you’ve been banned (you appear to have two accounts, one at hotmail and one at gmail), else you wouldn’t have got far enough to see.

That’s odd. I don’t remember I used my Hotmail account on this channel. Actually when I try to login with my Hotmail account it shows me as a new user.

I tried to sign out with my Gmail account and sign-in again but I still have this problem.

Maybe there is a way for me to reset my Gmail account in this channel?

Can you see if you can DM me on Slack?

He could, and it all came right after quitting the Slack client and trying the browser version!