Is it possible to create a Redis Cluster within Kubernetes using a Istio Search Mesh?

I am trying to configure a Redis cluster onto Kubernetes with an Istio Mesh installed. The Redis Cluster is able to be created without Istio and each Pods are auto-injected with an Istio Proxy (Envoy). However, with Istio installed and the Istio proxy attached to each Redis Pods, the Redis cluster is not able to “meet” correctly through the CLUSTER MEET command from the CLI.

For instance, I have Redis Pod A (slot 0 - 10919) and Redis Pod B (slot 10920 - 16383). This is the result after attempting a CLUSTER MEET command between them (cluster meet ClusterIPForRedisPodB 6379). For Redis Pod A, the cluster info is updated and includes Redis Pod B ( On the contrary, for Redis Pod B, the cluster info is not updated and does not include Redis Pod A (

I am able to send curl and netcat responses between the two Pods for Port 16379 and 6379. In addition, Envoy appears to have these ports opened as well.