Is there any documentation or code location for the header injected by istio envoy?

for example:

  1. x-envoy-peer-metadata
  2. x-envoy-peer-metadata-id
  3. x-envoy-attempt-count

I want to solve my problems by reviewing on the documentation and code, for example:

  1. What are the functions of different http headers?
  2. Some base64-encoded headers are binary. How do I decode and parse them?
  3. The values in the header, such as sidecar~, constitute what information they have? Why are there two namespaces items(default) in it?

@near I think you may have to scavenge the Envoy documentation directly since all those headers are from there.
For example for x-envoy-attempt-count in Envoy 1.16.0 (which will be bundled with the upcoming Istion 1.8 release) it is documented here.
For the other two x-envoy-peer-* I couldn’t find anything and you might have to dig this up yourself. :frowning: