Is there any way to avoid "." in path being escaped by Authorization Policy Normalization

I do have some path like “http://web-demo/rest/”, but after going through the sidecar forwarding it becomes “/rest/.do” like this due to Authorization Policy Normalization, is there any way to prevent this from happening?

my istio is 1.11.4

CC @YangminZhu on the authz policy path normalization.

Yes,i have the similar question,and i have seting the parameters like this

      normalization: NONE 

but it doesn`t work ,the sidecar will still truncate path like what happened with @approve1398 .
I lost may url path before “.”

Thanks for your reply, I just need to wait for him to see this question?
I have tried what @xpy-fish do,and it seem doesn‘t work too…