Is using Cloud Endpoints with Istio a good pattern?

I can see that the steps for using Istio with Cloud Endpoints have been deprecated and removed. So does that mean its not a good practice to do so or it’s not supported anymore?

I am new to the Istio ecosystem so please don’t mind if this is a silly question.

The context is that my requirement is to build a service mesh for my application and I am considering using Kubernetes for it. I am aware that using Istio with Kubernetes is a standard pattern. But looking at the GCP offerings, I am intrigued that if I use Cloud Endpoints on GKE will that mean I cannot use istio for certain things.

I am aware that Cloud Endpoints has its own way of enforcing Identity and Access Management using GCPs native API’s. Is this something that will conflict with istio security configuration or the case is that Cloud Endpoints provide a subset of features that Istio provides. So if i need more finer control over my APIs I use Istio.

Are they both built to co-exsist happily :slight_smile: