Issue connecting to Aerospike

Hi here. When I enable sidecar injection my application cannot connect to Aerospike on port 3000.

I am seeing the below error in the Aerospike client logs.

Requested new buffer size is invalid. Requested: 92703365869105, allowed: 0..1048576

Is there any parameter that controls the buffer size in the Istio proxy? or other configuration that could be causing this?

We are using Istio 1.3.4 without Mutual TLS. We didn’t have this issue with the previous version of Istio that we were using (1.2.7).

I face the same problem while connecting to mysql and aerospike systems. Did you find a solution?

I faced similar kind of issue, I fixed it by creating service entry like:

kind: ServiceEntry
  name: <serviceentry_name>
  namespace: <your_namespace>
  - <aerospike hostname>
  location: MESH_INTERNAL
  - number: 3000
    name: tcp
    protocol: TCP
  resolution: DNS

But take a look on this bug in istio before creating service entry:

I faced this as well.