Istio 1.9 Virtual Machine integration with AWS Ec2

Hi team,
I have a mysql running in AWS EC2. I followed all the steps and setup mentioned in the Istio / Virtual Machine Installation but am always getting this error while starting the istio via sudo systemctl start istio in the vm am getting this error.

2021-03-22T18:44:04.251227Z warn sds failed to warm certificate: failed to generate workload certificate: create certificate: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = “transport: Error while dialing dial tcp: lookup istiod.istio-system.svc on no such host”
2021-03-22T18:44:04.849207Z warn ca ca request failed, starting attempt 1 in 91.182413ms

Request somebody to help on this, as i have been stuck in this for more than 3 days!!!