Istio- AKS- Micrososft App gateway


We are using istio ingress in our AKS. We are trying to use Microsoft app gateway and connecting to our backend. In our case backend is AKS. When we are trying to connect from AKS backend url application is working but when we are trying from Application gateway url it is not working. When we reached out MSFT they mentioned in their logs they can see AKS is throwing an 500 which is istio ingress loadabalancer Ip is throwing a 500. Does any one have any idea about this whether we need to use any specific if we need to use Istio ingress. Thanks.

I do not think Istio itself ever returns a 500. Its likely something else along the path is generating the error, or Istio is generating a different error (often 503) and its converted. There isn’t much info to tell one way or the other here (Proxy access logs, etc).

I did checked the envoy access logs but couldn’t find anything useful. Do you have any commands anything we can check.

I am not seeing any access logs in the istio proxy container logs. We are installing istio through helm. Does anyone have any idea how can we enable access logs in istio using helm charts. In the documentation I can only find option through istio operator. Can anyone help?