Istio Architecture Diagram - use in published book

This may not be the correct forum, so please direct me accordingly.

I work for TIBCO Software and we are in the process of publishing a book on APIs. In a chapter on building APIs, we would like to include this, I believe older, Istio Architecture Diagram.

We are referencing the use of service mesh, such as Istio, to help manage API-led microservices deployed in containers. Our intent would be to credit the image in this way, “© 2020 Istio Authors (”. Is this acceptable?

Thank you for your help in this matter!


Thanks all who have viewed! Since I have not received any remarks to the contrary, we will consider the diagram is approved for use within the book I referenced and permission is granted. I will hold another 3 days to allow for any final response. Thank you all! Great community and OSS project!