Istio consultants?

I’m looking for a consulting firm/individual to help out with our Istio implementation. The main things we need are:

  1. Someone to bounce ideas off
  2. Reviews of our Istio implementation
  3. Advice on best-practices
  4. Help with debugging issues

Is there a list of firms that deal with Istio? Anyone interested?

Hi Eric,

I would love to help you out. Please reach out to me at and we can see how I and/or my team at Aspen Mesh can help you.

Thanks. Are you mainly a consulting company or a product company. It’s not clear from the website.

Neeraj is best positioned to respond, but as I understand it they do both.

Other companies that help in enterprise deployments include Tetrate, Jetstack and CloudOps (among others).

Thanks Dan for answering Erick’s question and yes Aspen Mesh does both. I started a private thread with Erick with more details on Aspen Mesh so that I don’t monopolize this thread with just Aspen Mesh talk. :slight_smile:

To throw my hat in - do cloud native security engineering too : ] We specialise in regulated industries and compliance, and run Istio London if you’re ever in town @erick-thompson

We also have some detailed Istio training, threat models and security research.

Kubedevops ( can also assist companies with Istio consulting and implementation best practices.

InfraCloud (Service Mesh Consulting Services & Implementation Partner) could help in this area too.

If you’re looking for help on this subject too, in France or worldwide remotely, I’m also available with an important background on Istio in Google Cloud (as a Google Developer expert) with Anthos Service Mesh
& others.

Feel free to ping me here or in the dedicated Slack workspace.

Pitching in for the folks at InfraCloud, they also provide Istio consulting and support. If you’re planning to adopt Istio or need enterprise support, they provide end-to-end help.