Istio gateway and WebSeal Junction SSL not running

We are trying to connect a WebSeal Junction with Istio Ingress Gateway, but WebSeal shows SSL Connection Error.
We have the same selfsigned certificate and ca on WebSeal and Istio.

0x38AD54CC webseald WARNING wiv ssl SSLConnection.cpp 2432 0x7f96b2ffd700 -- DPWIV1228W WebSEAL could not establish a secure connection to the server, HOST.DOMAIN, for the JUNCTION_NAME junction (Function call: gsk_secure_soc_init; failed error: 0x196 GSK_ERROR_IO).

When connect to Host URL via browser (firefox or chrome) we can load the website with our certificate, but WebSeal continues showing the connection error.
Istio Gateway and VitualService are correct.

If we configure Nginx Ingress Controller and a Kubernetes Ingress object WebSeal Junction can be able to connect to Kubernetes Cluster.

Thanks. Regards.

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