ISTIO Gateway Routing Issue -Monolethic & Microservice

Hi team,

Greetings !

Currently we are routing our AKS Ingress Traffic trough ISTIO for one of our Monolithic Application and its redirecting and working fine.

App A==> Tomcat Container App ==> Working Fine
Istio Ingress ==> Gateway A ==> Virtual Service A (prefix based routing) ==App name space A

Now i am trying to use the same ingress gateway to redirect my another new app which is Micros service based Arch and unable to reach the destination based on the Ingress…

App B==> Open JDK App(Sprint Boot) ==> Not Working.

Istio Ingress ==> Gateway B ==> Virtual Service B (prefix based routing) ==App name space B

Using the same host and routing based on the Prefix /A or /B , In that scenario /A was working As expected but not /B, Could you please help any suggestion why my second Gateway is not hitting.