Istio ingress & egress gateway readiness probe failed in pure IPv6 kubernetes Cluster [Istio 1.6.8]

Hi ,

Iam installing istio-1.6.8 in a pure IPV6 kubernetes Cluster.
istiod ,kiali is up & running with ipv6 cluster ip. But the egress & ingress gateway readiness probes are getting failed.

Log output throws : Envoy proxy is NOT ready: config not received from Pilot (is Pilot running?)

istio-egressgateway-release-z 0/1 Running 0 25m 2001:db8:1234::2d89 csd5g8-edge-01
istio-egressgateway-release-c 0/1 Running 0 25m 2001:db8:1234::2d8a csd5g8-edge-01
istio-ingressgateway-release-d 0/1 Running 0 25m 3b00::8 csd5g8-edge-01
istio-init-crd-all-1.6.8-zw6sr 0/1 Completed 0 28m 2001:db8:1234::1b2a csd5g8-worker-01
istio-init-crd-mixer-1.6.8-2n9pk 0/1 Completed 0 28m 2001:db8:1234::1b21 csd5g8-worker-01
istiod-release-167-74d94475df-cv94s 1/1 Running 0 25m 2001:db8:1234::1b27 csd5g8-worker-01
kiali-787455b7d4-kj9k5 2/2 Running 0 25m 2001:db8:1234::e7b2 csd5g8-worker-02