Istio-init container has gone to crash lookbackoff

I am istio-init(version 1.6.5) as a sidecar container in my k8s cluster, it been working fine for a while. Today, out of blue my pod has gone to Init:CrashloopbackOff
NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE healthscore-green-79c9c5c764-cndm6 0/2 Init:CrashLoopBackOff 388 2d17h

on kubectl describe it shows:

Init Containers: istio-init: Container ID: docker://657be7ddd9058406da7768596c81490b426a376816b8b4f20fbb63c0c44b5a13 Image: Image ID: docker-pullable://istio/proxyv2@sha256:ec2df06d76e8845fbce0ac1b4b85ab06a7beabab8a69fcc3bb2b573378b71c47 Port: Host Port: Args: istio-iptables -p 15001 -z 15006 -u 1337 -m REDIRECT -i * -x -b * -d 15090,15021,15020 State: Waiting Reason: CrashLoopBackOff Last State: Terminated Reason: Error Exit Code: 2 Started: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:21:23 +0530 Finished: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 14:21:23 +0530 Ready: False Restart Count: 392 Limits: cpu: 100m memory: 50Mi Requests: cpu: 10m memory: 10Mi

and kubectl logs of the istio-container prints the following stack trace:

also one thing i notices, since istio-init side car is failing according to k8s, but my application is able to serve http requests.