Istio install gitops helm or istioctl with ArgoCD


I Would like install Istio on many cluster with Gitops (argocd)

For this I have multiple choices :

Istio Operator => but in the doc there is " Use of the operator for new Istio installations is discouraged in favor of the Istioctl and Helm"

Istioctl => This solution require lot of actions, generate manifest, patch manifest for specific choice and put manifest in git for use it with ArgoCD

helm Last solution and for me the good solution, but This feature is currently considered “alpha” :frowning:

What risk if I use Helm ?

Do you using helm for installation/upgrade in production ?

Someone has already use Argocd for deploy istio and what experience return about this ?



Currently in the same boat trying to determine deployment methods and would like to just use a Helm chart ran through ArgoCD like everything else we setup.