Istio Meetup at Kubecon Barcelona: soliciting content!

Who’s going to Barcelona?

We are going to organize a meetup on the night before Kubecon – Monday, May 20th. And we’re looking to get a couple of speakers involved.

Would you like to talk about your Istio adoption story? Why did you get started? What went wrong? What went right? And where are you now?

If so, let me know!

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Well, I understand it is not suitable for me to attend this as I am not a speaker and I do not have a story about adoption Istio, but I still want to discuss something else like approach of performance improvement. So would it be possible to join this meetup or could you tell me the appropriate place to discuss this topic?

UPDATE: nvm, just noticed in the istio google calendar that meeting already took place :wink:
Hi! Any update on that? Are you still planning to meet? I would like to meet and I can share our istio adoption story in kyma. as well :slight_smile:


Folks, It was great to see many of you at KubeCon EU! The contents for the meetup is out at our team drive: Many thanks to all the speakers, and the steering committee for organizing the event!

(I should say mostly out, except the Istio roadmap presentation… The reason that is not out yet is because we are working on an updated doc and plan to discuss it in an upcoming TOC mtg on Friday at 10 AM PST).

If you don’t have access to the Istio team drive, please don’t slack or email me. :slight_smile: I don’t have magic to give you access. Check out the . instructions on the page how to get access to the team drive. Basically, the user needs to join a google group. Instructions here: