Istio sidecar is not restricting pod connections as desired

I want to see how an istio sidecar may restrict a pod’s connections (I am learning istio through its references) so I am working with the bookinfo example, after installing the example (having a Docker Desktop) - I wrote a simple sidecar resource the restricts the connections of ratings to reviews and details services as following:

kind: Sidecar
  name: bookinfo-ratings-sidecar
      app: ratings
    - hosts:
      - "./details.default.svc.cluster.local"
      - "./reviews.default.svc.cluster.local"

when I run the following command istioctl proxy-config clusters ratings-v1-5f9699cfdf-hb2gd I really see that it includes only details.default.svc.cluster.local , reviews.default.svc.cluster.local (from the bookinfo services) but if I run kubectl exec ratings-v1-5f9699cfdf-hb2gd -- curl -sS productpage:9080 I get an html result i.e. it doesn’t refuse the connection with productpage as if the sidecar doesn’t exist. What am I missing ? (p.s this The result of sidecar injection was not what I expected didn’t help)

AFAIU, it depends on if meshconfig.OutboundTrafficPolicy config is set to ALLOW_ANY (which is the default case), in which case, the sidecar proxy will route properly through the PassthroughCluster and will not be tracked by the sidecar resource. If it’s set to REGISTRY_ONLY though, then the request will land in BlackHoleCluster and won’t reach ratings service.