Istio to legacy non-injected pods

Hi all,

New here & to istio, please be gentle!

I’ve got a cluster set up with strict mTLS and an ingress gateway connecting to a pod hosting a third party front-end.

This front end opens more pods on demand & tries to communicate with them via pod IP. Without completely predictable labels I’m struggling to allow them to communicate via istio. I’ll work on a pull request from that side.

(I’d be very grateful if someone knows whether or nor it’s possible for istio-injected pods to communicate via pod IP when one doesn’t have a service, the child doesn’t have a predictable label, and I only know a potential range for the pod IPs)

In the meantime, I’m finally trying to use these child pods as non-istio injected pods. I’m opening them in another (non-injected) namespace and have defined a ServiceEntry like this:

kind: ServiceEntry
  name: children
  namespace: parentnamespace
  - '*.childnamespace.svc.cluster.local'
  - X.X.X.0/19 # a block of IPs matching the internal pod IPs for the children.
  - name: tcp
    number: 3838 
    protocol: TCP
  location: MESH_EXTERNAL

I’m still struggling to connect. Any chance I’ve forgotten something obvious? Any pointers on where to debug next would be very welcome.

Many thanks,