Istio upgradation recommended method. Canary did not work properly.In place upgrade with minimal profile deleted ingress service

Hi Team,

What is the recommended method for istio upgradation ? As per the doc canary is the preferred way and we went with that approach in the lower env and it worked just fine but it screwed up when we went with higher env. Post upgrading the inplace upgrade of ingressgateways , the entire communication just stopped. We then went ahead with inplace upgrade of the istio with minimal profile but that deleted the ingressgateway service as well.

This happened while upgrading from istio 1.13 to 1.14. ISTIOCTL analyze did not recognise the revision 1-14-6 at all so we had to go for in place upgrade. Any suggestions why did not istio recognise on one cluster while it recognised the same in other 3 clusters.

@howardjohn/ @IstioTester Any suggestions on why istio did not recognise the rev tag on one cluster?